It is the 18th of June 2019


China's Hu Warns Beijing Is Preparing For Ties With Washington To Further Unravel

Hu Xijin, the Global Times editor whose twitter feed has been described as a weapon used by Beijing to hammer American markets, tweeted yet another warning on Wednesday that the US-China trade war won't be ending any time soon.

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China's Great Wall of Deception: How The Emperors Got Their Money

Submitted by Peter Pham, Managing Director of One Road Research, first part of a two-part special report on the Perestroika Deception. 

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Biden Can't Stop Plagiarizing; This Time Rips Off Michael Avenatti Slogan

Joe Biden has a plagiarism problem dating back to law school, most recently busted after his campaign was caught lifting language for his environmental plan word-for-word from environmental nonprofits without attribution

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Traders Have Already Started Pricing In Rate Hikes In Late 2020

With a rate cut (or two, or three) by the Fed in the coming 6 months now almost universally accepted by the market (with the exception of Goldman Sachs) if perhaps not the Fed quite yet, rates traders are already speculating on what happens next.

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House Authorizes Lawsuits Against Barr, McGahn; Nadler Vows To Pursue

The House voted along party lines on Tuesday to allow lawsuits filed in federal court against Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn, amid an effort to enforce subpoenas for documents and testimony related to the Trump administration, according to Bloomberg

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