It is the 20th of July 2019


NATO Affiliate 'Accidentally' Reveals Locations Of 150 US Nuclear Weapons In Europe

A NATO-affiliated body accidentally published a document which revealed the locations of US nuclear weapons throughout Europe, according to the Washington PostThe document was subsequently deleted and replaced with a final version of the report which omits where US bombs are stored. 

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An MMTer Explains MMT In 320 Words

Submitted by Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management

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WTI Extends Losses After Smaller Than Expected Crude Draw

Oil prices plunged today as Trump and Pompeo defused some tensions with Iran and geopolitical risk premiums were squeezed out suddenly.

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Foreigners Dump US Treasurys, Liquidate A Record $216 Billion In US Stocks In 13 Consecutive Months

The latest TIC data for the month of May, released just after the close, showed that China continued to sell US Treasurys for the third straight month, bringing its total to just $1.11 trillion, down another $3 billion, and the lowest since May 2017...

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Local Nevada Company Says It Will Livestream Planned Area 51 Raid In September

Area 15, a company that owns a local shopping mall in Nevada, has said it plans on livestreaming the possible upcoming "raid" of Area 51 that more than a million people on Facebook have shown an interest in.

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