It is the 16th of July 2019


Epstein Has 'Secret' Steel Safe In Off-Limits Room On 'Pedo Island'

With all eyes on Jeffrey Epstein following his Saturday arrest on charges of underage sex-trafficking, we now turn our attention to the mysterious island owned by the pedophile financier. 

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Stocks Surge To Record Highs As Payrolls & Powell Spark Bond Bloodbath

Chinese, European, and US Small caps all lost ground on the week... could be worse though, you could be a bond or bund-holder...

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"Time To Leave The Party" - Former Lehman Insider Warns "More Risk Than Reward" In Markets

"There's an art to knowing when to leave the party," warns Pilar Gomez-Bravo, a portfolio manager at MFS Investment Management with $4.5 billion AUM, who sees eerie similarities between the current frenzy for risk and the speculative mania that made her cautious on the eve of the last bubble.

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