It is the 20th of July 2019


Stocks Slump Into Close As Trade Talks Stall Over Huawei; Silver Jumps, Crude Dumps

Update: Bloomberg reports that progress on a trade agreement has stalled as Trump administration works out how to address China’s demand that it ease restrictions on Huawei.

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Tech Wreck Looms As Valuations Decouple From "Startling" Decline In Earnings Expectations

You know it's bad when... even Wall Street's biggest tech analysts are getting nervous about the market's lofty levels.

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Trump Slams AOC's 'Squad' As "The Four Horsewomen Of The Apocalypse"

Two days after President Trump provoked Democrats to pass a resolution condemning him as a racist by urging the radical left "squad" of freshman House Democrats "if you are not happy here, you can leave", the president is back with another tweet storm guaranteed to send Democrats on Capitol Hill into fits of apoplexy.

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Kolanovic Spots A "Once In A Decade Opportunity" In "Unprecedented" Value Stock Divergence

When it comes to attempts to explain why the market just keeps rising, few case studies are more notable - or comical - than the in-house feud that appears to have developed between JPMorgan's "good cop", head quant, Marko Kolanovic, and JPMorgan's "bad cop" flow strategist, Nikolaos Panigirzoglou.

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