It is the 19th of August 2019


Goldman Goes Bullish On Bitcoin, Targets $14,000 Short-Term

In a recent note to clients, Goldman Sachs published a bullish forecast for Bitcoin price. The forecast is based on Elliott Wave Theory, which projects market trends by identifying extremes in investor psychology, along with price highs and lows.

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Macri Massacre Cuts Stocks In Half Today As Argentina Slides Into The Abyss

Update 2: In a stunning move, Argentina's MERVAL stock index was cut in half today, crashing 48% in USD terms on the day.

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Did Epstein's Lawyers Set Him Up For Death By Convincing Prison To End 'Suicide Watch'?

As it turns out, Miami Herald reporter Julie K Brown was right about Epstein managing to manipulate MCC staff into letting him off of suicide watch. Because, according to an ABC News report, Epstein's defense attorneys successfully lobbied for him to be taken off suicide watch on July 29, about a week before he was found dead in his cell.

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US Surpasses Entire 2018 Budget Deficit With Two More Months To Go In 2019

There were no surprises in the US budget deficit for July, the 10th month of fiscal 2019: it came in just as consensus had expected, at $120 billion, and about 55% higher than the $76.9BN deficit reported in July 2018. This was the 2nd biggest July deficit in the past 8 years...

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Geopolitical Chaos Slams Stocks As Traders Flood Into Safe-Havens

With 'everyone' on vacation, geopolitical chaos drove risk-off today

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