It is the 19th of May 2019


Global Markets Surge, Erase Trade-War-Escalation Losses

We had it all wrong after all - Global trade war escalation is bullish for global stocks after all!!!!

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President Trump Unveils 2020 Immigration Plan

There are 18 months between now and the 2020 election, but with nearly two dozen Democrats already out there promoting their agendas, the White House presumably feels that there's no time like the present to introduce the comprehensive 'immigration plan' that President Trump will run on when he seeks a second term.

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Recessionary Forces: Global Air Freight Volume Plunges In A Sign Of Economic Stress

Reuters's John Kemp warns global air freight volumes are falling across the world at "some of the fastest rates since the end the great recession" in an ominous sign that the global synchronized slowdown is gaining momentum.

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Chinese Buybacks Soar To All Time High As Foreigners Dump A Record Amount Of Stocks

It's not just the US that is set for another record year of stock buybacks, into which both institutional and retail investors are selling with 2019 already experiencing the worst start to the year for equity fund flows since 2008.

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Mark Cuban Says Trump Will Steamroll 2020 Democrats; Mulls Run As Independent

Mark Cuban doesn't think a single Democrat running in 2020 can take out President Trump, and has left the door open to his own run as an independent candidate. 

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