It is the 25th of May 2019


No Wonder Obama Intel Chiefs Panicking - Trump To Declassify "Bucket 5" Russiagate Docs

As Congressional Democrats insist on conducting post-Mueller probes into President Trump and those around him, much of the recent infighting and backpedaling we've seen from former Obama intel chiefs is starting to make sense

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Cryptos Just Flash-Crashed (Again)

Following an mini flash-smash higher this morning, cryptos just kneejerked abruptly lower across the immediate catalyst was evident.

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Bernie Sanders Wants To Make College Free By Taxing All Stock, Bond And Derivative Trades

While the debates over AOC's Green New Deal and every socialist candidate's "MMT-based" platform have mercifully faded in recent weeks, discussion how to make college affordable and debt free is only just starting, and on Wednesday, Vermont socialist and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he'll introduce legislation that would impose a tax on trades of all stocks, bonds and derivatives in the U.S., a move he says would "help curb Wall Street speculation and help finance his campaign promise to provide tuition-free college and cut student debt."

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Federal Judge Rules Banks Can Give Trump Financials To House Dems

In yet another blow to the Trump administration, a federal judge in New York has rejected his request to keep his banks from producing financial records to lawmakers.

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